10 years after the first Regional Lesbian Feminist Conference as well as 10 years after the foundation of the Lesbian Group Kontra (1997), lesbian feminist activists from the region of the ex Yugoslavia (which organized or participated at the previously mentioned gatherings) decided to organize the Regional Lesbian Feminist Activist Meeting in Zagreb. Three years have passed from the last gathering of lesbians, therefore the urgency was obvious for the working group to sit and reflect upon the present status of lesbian feminists and lesbians in general in the states of ex Yugoslavia. Activists from the Lesbian Group Kontra handled the fundraising and the logistics of the meeting. At the meeting in Zagreb we established a new network of lesbian feminist activist from the region, called Lesbian Feminist Action – LFA.

These gatherings of lesbian feminists from the region were envisioned as the working meetings on which we would discuss activism in the region and broader. The aim of the meeting was to exchange knowledge and ideas in order to frame the position of lesbian activism today and to determine areas for future actions and cooperation between lesbian feminist activists and groups. As well, aim of the meeting was to discuss the context of the lesbian feminist activism in relation to feminist activism, LGBTIQ activism, Q activism, human rights quest of donors and stakeholders. We discussed changes in the social and political context, laws, state politicos and community reaction to wider LGBT movement from the ten years ago until today.