Discrimination is an unequal treatment of individuals or a group of people. This unequal treatment may occur due to the characteristics that people believe are common for people that they are identifying as a group: eg. race, sex, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression affects us every day in the workplace, at school, in the family home, with friends, at the doctor, in a store, on the street. Therefore, we often live in fear and isolation. Fear of environment rejection, fear of job loss, and fear of physical violence, often justified, accompany us in everyday life.

The right to a life free of discrimination, and the right to live without violence are among the basic human rights.

Due to Kontra’s advocacy first legal protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation (2003), gender expression (2006) and gender identity (2008) were introduced into the Croatian legal system. Specific activities were introduced in national policies for gender equality and human rights concerning the promotion and protection of the rights of LGBT people (2006).
Lesbian group Kontra continuously monitors changes to legislation and proposes improvements regarding the protection of LGBT people from discrimination. We also provide legal assistance to people who have experienced discrimination and we are practicing strategic litigation related to discrimination based on sexual orientation.