Lesbian Group Kontra is a feminist non-governmental organization that promotes human rights of lesbians. Kontra was founded by women who were active in first feminist activist groups and who founded the first lesbian group in Croatia – Lila Initiative (1989).

Kontra envisions a world where all women enjoy full equality and realization of their human rights, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Lesbian Group Kontra’s mission is to achieve equality of lesbians by increasing visibility, instigating legal, political, institutional and social change and providing support and empowerment to lesbians.

We cooperate with other LGBTI and women’s organizations. We are members of the ILGA and the European Women’s Lobby (through Women’s Network of Croatia).

We regularly cooperate with national minorities and Roma organizations on topics of hate crimes and hate speech. We cooperate with trade unions on protection of human rights of LGBTI workers.