Lesbian Group Kontra was founded in 1997 by founders of the first lesbian group Lila Initiative (1989).

Kontra opened first lesbian SOS and info-line and counseling in Croatia (1997).

We organized first support groups for lesbians and parents of LGBT people.

We organized first support groups for transgender persons in cooperation with an activist from Serbia (since 2008).

We organized numerous clutural festivals, events, exhibitions, workshops, discussions, film projections, and sports activities (since 1998).

We organized L-fest – Festival of lesbian culture (2010-2013).

We founded first lesbian library in Croatia LezBib (2002).

We co-organized with Iskorak first Gay Pride manifestation in Croatia (2002), co-organized Zagreb Pride 2003, 2005 and 2006 and organized Zagreb Pride 2004.

We co-organized first Split Pride (2011) and Split Pride 2012 and 2013.

We advocated for and created numerous bills and amendments to laws and legal documents in regards to human rights of LGBT people and women, which were adopted by the Croatian Parliament.

The adoption of these amendments resulted in the introduction of first legal protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (2003), gender expression (2006) and gender identity (2008) into the Croatian legal system.

Definition of hate crimes was implemented into the Croatian Criminal Code (2006) and enhanced (2011).

First protections of privacy and possibility of change of gender marker on personal documents for transgender people were introduced into Croatian legislation – Personal Names Act and State Registries Act (2012, 2013).

On our initiative criminal offence of violent behaviour important for sanctioning of violence against minorities was returned to Criminal Code (2015).

We continuously advocated for and participated in creation of both Same-sex Civil Unions Act (2003) and the Life Partnership Act (2014).

We successfully advocated changes in relevant legislation – Insurance Act related to harmonization with the Life Partnership Act (2015).

We implemented following national campaigns for rights of LGBT persons: We are not homophobic but…(2007), Different loves, same rights (2009), Right to work without discrimination (2009), Report discrimination! (2011 in partnership with the Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia) and Report violence! (2013 in partnership with the Ministry of Interior of Croatia), Come Out (for European elections 2014, as member of the ILGA Europe network).

We organized two regional lesbian gatherings that gathered lesbian organisations from the region of post-Yugoslavia (2001 in Rovinj and 2010 in Zagreb).

We organized first ILGA Europe conference in Western Balkans (2013).

We cooperate with Police Academy and the Ministry of Interior on hate crimes since 2006. We regularly implement education on hate crimes against LGBT people at the Police Academy, as part of regular curricula in two modules – Police Psychology and Substantive Criminal Law (since academic year 2012/2013).

We established a system of providing members of LGBT community with legal advice, support and a representation in a court of law (2002).

The Legal Team’s cases that followed the adoption of above laws became precedents in regards to the protection of human rights of LGBT people in Croatia. We won first cases regarding hate crimes against LGBT people; hate speech, workplace discrimination, etc.

We have continuous cooperation with trade unions and we implemented public campaign and education of trade unions in 7 cities in Croatia. This was first such cooperation of trade unions and an LGBT organization.

We systematicaly implemented various social and cultural activites for empowerment of LGBT community in Split and co-organized Split Pride 2011-2013. This resulted in creation of LGBT associations in Split in 2013 that now organize Split Pride, have opened LGBT center and implement different cultural, social and advocacy activities.