To whom it may concern,
Today was supposed to be held first LGBT pride manifestation in Split that aimed at raising awareness on discrimination of same-sex families in Croatian legislation.
Problems with police that were result of clear orders from the heads of state institutions started immediatley, when most participants were not let to join gathering at Đardin (park from where march started) and had to stay in front of police officers surrounded by facsists.

Police officers said to people wishing to join Pride that they have orders not to let anyone in except organisers. Only after numerous interventions were made by activists and journalists they were let to join gathering at Đardin.Public gathering ended in violence. Rute of the march was not secured. Attackers were allowed to throw explosive objects, thorches, big rocks, ashtrays and other objects during the whole time of the march and on Riva where programe was supposed to be held. Facists were allowed to hold hands in facist salute and shout «Kill faggots» and «You must die» almost on the entire length of the rute. Before exit from Marmontova street to Riva it was allowed for big number of violent attackers to completely narrow down the passage for the march. They were also throwing explosives and other objects  and participants of the march had to go back twice and then finally go through narrow passage. During all of this police officers were telling to participants to go through the passage, although they were constantly hit by explosives, rocks and other objects. 

Number of people were injured (we are still colecting informartion on exact number). When participants finnaly managed to come to gathering place at Riva, attacks continued there. Rocks and other objects were constantly thrown on the  stage and more people were injured. One man was taken by the ambulance to the hospital because he was bleeding from the head (he was camera man from RTL television). Place of public gathering was not secured.   

On behalf of organisers, Sanja Juras from Lesbian group Kontra stated on the microphone that gathering is canceled because there is no protection and police should evacuate people immediatley, but police didn’t organise evacuation right away. After more than half an  hour passed and there was still no evacuation brave activists from LGBT organisations and representatives of international organisations and institutions held a few speeches and LeZbor sang a few songs in order to calm down people that were under constant attack (at that point Riva was partly cleared and it was harder for attackers to aim at the stage). Then everything was stopped because police finally organised evacuation.

Major of Split was sitting whole time near by at Riva in a cafe dressed in black (facist colour).

When representative of association Kontra Sanja Juras went after evacuation (people were evacuated into office of organisation Dominoes) to ask police let into safe space one woman that was outside safe zone, group of young men shouted to her in front of police officers: «We remembered you» and one of them told her «I will burn you alive!» and made gesture with his hand as if he was lighting a lighter. Activist asked police officer to arrest him, but he only took his information.

State institutions did not protect right to public gathering of lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender persons. Human rights of citizens of Croatia are not secured because legal state does not function.

Against State bodies and attackers we are giong to initiate proceedures. We are also going to inform international institutions and human rights organisations. We are asking for Minister of internal affairs to be replaced.



Sanja Juras,
Lesbian Group Kontra

Edo Bulić,

Mirjana Kučer,