Need a book? Movie? Information? Come to LezLib! We have all that and more: around 3000 books, 100 movies and tea, coffee and good company! Free membership.

LezLib – library and archive was opened on April 13th, 2002. After considerable donation of books from the women’s organization Network of East-West Women, the idea of ​​a lesbian library was created. Before there were LezBib, Lesbian group Kontra owned collection of books, which was located at the Center for Women’s Studies.

LezBib in its fund has about 3,000 books that include LGBT theory (history, lesbian feminism, queer studies); practice (health, manuals, biographies, coming out stories, activism, art, legislation); Literature (poetry and prose), and a dozen magazines and about 100 films (VHS and DVD). On Kontra’s web-site you can find a searchable catalog, as well as a list of all publications in LezBib’s Fund:

Libreary and archive are opened to LGBT people and all the others that are interested.

Libraries in Croatia have in their funds very small number of books with LGBT themes, suggesting insensitivity to our specific needs and problems and thus implicitly discriminate against LGBT population.

The right to information is one of the fundamental human rights. Bearing in mind the extremely sensitive and discriminatory situation of lesbians in Croatia, for which we usually live in isolation, it is essential that there is a place where we can get all the relevant information and publications with guaranteed anonymity. With the library we want to create safe space primarily for lesbians, as well as provide information, publications and films of LGBT population, and all the others that are interested.

In our library we want to provide the space for sharing the knowledge, meeting other lesbians and fun.

We invite you to come!

Free membership!

Loan – 2 titles
Loan period – 30 days for books, 2 weeks for movies

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