Lesbian group Kontra since 2004 advocated for introducing the protection from discrimination based on gender identity in Croatian legislation. Thanks to our advocacy the provisions for protection against discrimination based on gender expression and gender identity were introduced into the legislation.

Lesbian group Kontra organized first support groups for transgender persons in Croatia (since 2008).

Thanks to our advocacy SDP as the opposition party in 2010 proposed amendments to the Personal Names Act and State Registers Act – which included:
1. Removing the publication of the application procedure for changing the name on the bulletin board of the municipal administration on the Personal Names Act;
2. Change of the Law on State Registers, which provides that the excerpt from the state registers are not reported data on sex change and change of name, which allows privacy transgender people;
3. Supplement on the State Registers Act incorporating provision which enjoys the availability of the procedure of name and gender change in the documents with clearly defined adequate documentation proving that it is a transgender person (statement by a psychologist or psychiatrist).

Due to our advocacy the Personal Names Act was amended in 2012 and the procedure of publishing the application for changing the name on the bulletin board of the municipal administration was removed.

The State Registries Act was due to our advocacy amended in 2013 and it stipulates that on the excerpts from the state registries data on change of sex marker and change of name is not visible.

However, unfortunately the most important part of changes concerning the protection of privacy rights of transgender people, proposed in 2010 to the Croatian Parliament by the SDP, was not adopted. The proposal was that the State Registries Act prescribes the procedure for the change of name and gender marker in personal documents with clearly defined documentation. Documentation is now defined by the Ordinance of the Ministry and not by the Law and this created legal uncertainty (there is no legal remedy) and without reason the procedure of gender labels on documents was made more difficult.

Lesbian group Kontra is advocating regulation of this issue by the law and the removal of all discriminatory practices.