A hate crime is any criminal offense committed against an individual because of his / her sexual orientation or gender identity. 

The right to live without discrimination and the right to live without violence are basic human rights. Recommendation of the Council of Europe CM / Rec (2010) 5 to member states about measures to combat discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, provides that all member states should ensure effective, prompt and impartial investigation of hate crimes. The Republic of Croatia through its legislation introduced stricter penalties for hate crimes.

Thanks to Kontra’s advocacy and cooperation with the organizations for human rights of national minorities, definition of hate crime was introduced into the Cirminal Code in 2006 and improved in 2011.

A hate crime is treated as an aggravating circumstance, except for the flollowing crimes for which it was introduced as a special qualified form:
Bodily injury, Article 117
Serious bodily injury, Article 118
Aggravated serious bodily injury, Article 119
Coercion, Article 138
Threat, Article 139
Serious offenses against sexual freedom, Article 154
Inciting riots, Article 324
Public incitement to violence and hatred, Article 325
Aggravated murder, Article 111
Female genital mutilation, Article 116

Lesbian group Kontra provides free legal assistance to LGBT persons who have experienced violence because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We are regularly conducting training at the Police Academy in relation to hate crimes against LGBT people.