Dear english speaking audience!
After bringing a lot of comedians form Uk, time has come to bring you one from United States of America!
And not just anyone, Mr. Scott Capurro – A whippet thin, razor tongued acid queen with an on-stage persona as venomous as a viper, specialising in brutally honest, fully frank observations on chattering class taboos. No subject – from Maddie to Muslims, Catholics to the clitoris, paedophilia, racism and bombing Iran – is sacred. Distasteful? Come on, bitch – you know you want it.
18.10. u 20.30h Comedy Club “Studio Smijeha” Vlaška 92
Prve/a 2 sretnice/ka koji/e se jave na dobit će po 2 ulaznice.

His comedy material is deliberately provocative, referring often to gay life and culture, politics, race and racism, and popular culture.Only in a Capurro gig do you realise how childish and tame all the other supposedly transgressive standups on the circuit really are.Some of his remarks, about the Qur’an in particular, do seem inadvisably brave. And yet he is no bigot.
Whenever he criticizes the behaviour of a group of people there is at least a superficial case to be made –
even if it involves trampling on the assumption that some groups of people should be above criticism, at least from him.
Deep down we are all racists, sexists and generalisers of one kind or another, is Capurro’s basic and provocative argument, so stop being such a hypocrite about it.
He also had small roles in Star Wars Episode I – The phantom menace and Mrs. Doubtfire.
Joining him on this special evening is our own Marina Orsag. Marina has already performed in London and Leicester and she spend amazing time with Scott in Bled in Slovenia, where they insulted each other constantly and realised that doing a show together would be amazing.

Host of the evening: Andrej Težak Tešky (SLO).

Entry fee: 40kn! Free Vedrini snacks on every table!

Info and reservations: or 01 5588 980.